2019 Newsletters

September 2019 Topic: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
August 2019 Topic:  Lung Cancer Awareness Month
July 2019 Topic:  Sarcoma Awareness Month
June 2019 Topic: Liver Cancer Awareness Month
May 2019 Topic: Bladder and Brain Cancer Awareness Month
April 2019 Topic:  Oral and Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
March 2019 Topic:  National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
February 2019 Topic:  World Cancer Awareness Month
January 2019 Topic:  Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

2018 Newsletters

December 2018Topic: Cancer Awareness Month
November 2018Topic:  Pancreas Cancer Awareness Month
October 2018Topic:  Survivorship
September 2018Topic: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
August 2018Topic: Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month
July 2018Topic: Sarcoma Awareness
June 2017Topic:  Who are Cancer Survivors?
May 2018Topic: Thymoma and Thymic Cancer
April 2018Topic: Cancer and Aging
March 2018 Topic: Endometrial Cancer
February 2018 Topic: Merkel Cell Carcinoma
January 2018 Topic: Childhood Brain & Spinal Cord Tumors

2017 Newsletters

December 2017Topic: Lip and Oral Cavity Cancer
November 2017 Topic: Pancreatic Cancer Facts
October 2017 Topic: Male Breast Cancer Treatment
September 2017Topic: Cheryl's Story
August 2017 Topic: Hereditary Cancer Syndromes
July 2017 Topic: Cancer and Self Image
June 2017 Topic: Self Image
May 2017 Topic: Common Cancer Myths and Misconceptions
April 2017 Topic: Cancer Treatment, Eating Well and Eating Problems
March 2017Topic: My Mothers Story
February 2017 Topic: Getting Help With Depression
January 2017 Topic: Cancer Treatment, Eating Well and Eating Problems

2016 Newsletters

December 2016 Topic Unusual Cancers of Childhood
November 2016 Topic: What is Metastatic Cancer?
October 2016
Topic: Breast Cancer & DCIS
September 2016 Topic: Sadness, Depression & Feeling Overwhelmed
August 2016 Topic: Distress in Cancer Patients
July 2016 Topic: A New Normal
June 2016 Topic: Late Effects of Childhood Cancer
May 2016 Topic: Feelings and Cancer
April 2016 Topic: What is Psychological Stress?
March 2016 Topic: Art Therapy and Children
February 2016 Topic: Pancreatic Cancer Facts
January 2016 Topic: Why and Where Cancer Returns

2015 Newsletters

December 2015 Topic: A Story from our Art Play Workshops
November 2015 Topic: How Cancer Spreads
October 2015 Topic: Feelings and Cancer
September 2015 Topic: Childhood Cancers
August 2015 Topic: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
July 2015 Topic: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Cancer Patients
June 2015 Topic: Bile Duct Cancer
May 2015 Topic: Studies on Ovarian Cancer
April 2015 Topic: Ovarian Cancer
March 2015 Topic: Communication during Cancer Care
February 2015 Topics: Getting Help with Family Issues; Talking with Children and Teens
January 2015 Topic: Patients Living with Cancer

2015 Ostomy Newsletters

May-June 2015 Topics: Procedures That Can Backfire; Helpful Hints
March-April 2015 Topics: The Phantom Phenomenon; Taking Care of Your Skin
January-February 2015 Topics: A Gift of Time; Exercise

2014 Newsletters

December 2014 Topic:  The Viewpoint from a Current Cancer Patient
November 2014 Topic: Local Company Helps Patient
October 2014 Topic: Breast Cancer Story
September 2014 Topic: Brain Cancer Story
August 2014 Topic: Liver Cancer
July 2014 Topic: Social and Work Relationships
June 2014 Topics: Stomach Cancer Story; Stomach Cancer
May 2014 Topics: Kidney Cancer Story; Kidney Cancer
April 2014 Topic: Stomach Cancer
March 2014 Topics:  Brain Cancer Story; Brain Tumors
February 2014  Topic:  Unusual Childhood Cancers
January 2014  Topics:  Breast Cancer Story; Breast Reconstruction

2014 Ostomy Newsletters

November-December 2014 Topics: Being Treated for Cancer; Colon Preps
September-October 2014 Topics: Convexity; The New Ostomy
July-August 2014 Topics: Short-Term Ostomates; Can Ostomates Donate Blood
May-June 2014 Topics: Stoma Surgery; Ostomy Procedures
March-April 2014  Topics: Blockages; Stopping Irrigation
January-February 2014  Topics: Depression; Why I Attend Support Group Meetings

2013 Newsletters

December 2013   Topics:  Breast Cancer Story; Breast Surgery
November 2013   Topic:  Anxiety
October 2013    Topic:  Delirium  
September 2013     Topics:  Anxiety & Depression; Rita’s Story 
August 2013     Topic:  Coping with Cancer – Anxiety & Distress
July 2013      Topic:  Treating Cancer Pain
June 2013     Topic:  Tumor Grades
May 2013     Topic:  Your Feelings and Pain
April 2013     Topic:  Understanding Cancer Prognosis
March 2013     Topic:  Psychological Stress & Cancer
February 2013     Topic:  Learning About Your Cancer
January 2013     Topic:  Stomach Cancer
Joe’s Story
Rita’s Story

2013 Ostomy Newsletters

November-December 2013 Topics: Hernia & the Ostomy Patient; Chemotherapy & Your Ostomy
September-October 2013  Topics: Ostomy Surgery and Depression; Ostomy Myths
July-August 2013  Topics: Keep Your Pouch Odor  Proof; Factors Influencing Ostomy Function
May-June 2013   Topics: Ostomies Around the World; Helpful Hints
March-April 2013   Topics: Happiness is a comfortable Appliance; Adhesions
January-February 2013  Topics: My Grandma’s 1938 Ostomy; What is Convexity

2012 Newsletters

December 2012     Topic:  Story of Berrien County Cancer Survivor (Breast Cancer)
November 2012     Topics:  Adjustment to Ostomies; Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risk
October 2012     Topic:  Ovarian Cancer
September 2012     Topic:  Lung Cancer
August 2012     Topics:  Cancer Statistics; Lung Cancer
July 2012     Topic:  Journey with Cancer – Colon Cancer
June 2012     Topics:  Pain Control; Leukemia
May 2012     Topics:  Caregiving; Cancer Facts
April 2012     Topic:  Genetic Testing – BRCA1 and BRCA2
March 2012     Topics:  Depression in Cancer Patients; Cancer Screening
February 2012     Topic:  Palliative Care
January 2012     Topic:  Retinoblastoma Cancer