Our Board and Staff

Our board is comprised of persons from all types of professions and is generally representative of the county and the patients that are served. The board meets at least six times per year and at the annual meeting elects officers from among the board members.

Joshua Simons, Chairperson
Dr. Gerald Kozuh, Vice Chairperson
Joseph Dick, Treasurer
Dr. Melinda Gruber, Executive Committee Member
Tim Brown
Nancy Gothberg
Sharon Hainer
Darlene Hawkins
Mike Levi                                                                                                                          
Jolita Allene Smith

Honorary Board Members

Dr. Fred Busse, M.D.
Dr. Betty Koshy
Dr. Peter Lai
Barbara Lane, R.N.
Dr. Eric Lester
Hannah Noble
Dr. Edmund Paloyan
Dr. Sapna Patel

Executive Director
Nancy Church, R.N.

Staff – Nurses
Debbie Hansen, R.N.
Connie Demler, R.N.
Susan Lerke, R.N
Kimberly Penney, R.N.

Staff – Office
Claudia Brister, Office Manager
Suzanne Arent, Administrative Assistant
Henrietta Hein, Office Assistant

If you are interested in applying to be a member of our Board of Directors, please click this link for the application.